About Autumn House:

Our goal is to eliminate violence in intimate-partner relationships and to promote peace in the homes of our community.

We support a woman’s right to choose. We are non-judgemental and client-centered counselors. You can always access services at Autumn House, regardless of your relationship status or whether you choose to stay at our shelter. Our focus is on exploring options, resources and making sure you are safe.

Autumn House is part of the Cumberland County Interagency on Family Violence and works with Mental Health and Addictions, Department of Justice, Police Agencies, Community Services and others to help provide key services in your community.

Abuse is NOT always Physical

If your partner:

  • humiliates you
  • yells at you
  • makes you feel crazy
  • isolates you from friends
  • tells you what to do/can’t do
  • demands sexual favors
  • makes threats to harm
  • destroys your things

you may be suffering abuse.

We Believe You

Abuse happens to people of all ages, races, income level, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity.

You have the RIGHT to be safe.

We are ALWAYS here:

  • To Listen
  • Support You
  • Give the Facts
  • Help Take Action

CRISIS LINE: 902-667-1200

Autumn House provides a 24-hour crisis line service for people dealing with an abusive relationship