Children & Youth Services

A detail from the mural that decorates the youth/children’s room at Autumn House.

Children exposed to family violence may develop emotional and behavioural concerns Such as:

  • exploring emotions
  • building trust
  • learning social skills
  • developing self-esteem
  • confusion and fear
  • loss of self-esteem
  • abusing others
  • speech difficulties
  • self blame
  • hopelessness /depression
  • punishment seeking
  • insomnia and bed-wetting
  • further victimization


We provide support counselling by using age appropriate ways for exploring and learning, through stories, play, worksheets, activities, games, art and other creative outlets.

We support you and your children by: creating safety, building trust, exploring emotions, learning social skills, developing self-esteem + ways to cope.

Parents/Guardians can set up an appointment to discuss concerns and learn ways we can support them and their child(ren).

Children offer us the greatest hope of breaking the cycle of violence. Let’s help children who witness family violence to live safely. Let’s Break The Cycle!