Why Women Stay

Autumn House recognizes that not all women will leave their relationship.  We are not here to judge or to tell someone they should leave an abusive situation.  One of our goals is to provide women with information about their options; to empower them to make their own choices.  Regardless of the choices made, staff will explore safety concerns and assist with developing a safety plan.

Women will stay in abusive relationships for many reasons such as:

  • they love their partner
  • they do not want to be alone or are fearful of being alone.
  • traditional values from family or church
  • hope that her partner will change
  • hope for the future
  • embarrassment and shame
  • afraid to parent alone
  • they do not want to leave the home
  • their partner threatens to harm her or her children
  • their partner threatens to harm pets
  • their partner threatens her family
  • their partner threatens to hurt or kill them self if she leaves
  • they are afraid to leave without her pets
  •  they don’t want to “break up the family”
  • they feel sorry for her partner
  • fear of financial hardship
  • fear of cultural estrangement

 If you are in an abusive relationship and do not feel that you want to leave, you can still access support services from Autumn House.  Please call our 24 hour Crisis Line at 902-667-1200.